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Christmas Float Routes 2019

Sunday 1st Dec Helsby Tesco 10-4


Sunday 1st Dec Frodsham - Ship Street, Waterside, Hawthorn Road, Salt works


Monday 2nd Dec Helsby - Primrose Lane, Latham Avenue, Meliden Grove, Linden Drive, Hillview Avenue, Rydal Grove


Tuesday 3rd  Dec Frodsham - Howey Ln, Carriage Dr, Howey Rise, Netherton Dr, Hillfield, Church Rd, Fieldway


Wednesday 4th Dec Helsby - Queens Drive, Kings Drive, Mountain View, Parkfield Drive, Lower Robin Hood Lane, Freshmeadow Lane


Thursday 5th Dec Frodsham - Bradley Lane, Springbourne, Royleene Drive, Vicarage Lane, Bracken Way, Kingsley Green, Top road


Friday 6th Dec Frodsham – Townfield Lane, Doric Avenue, Fairways, Clover, Pollard, Bickerton


Saturday 7th Dec Ho Ho Helsby


Sunday 8th Dec Frodsham - Marsh Lane, Fountain Lane, Park Lane, Queensway, Kingsway, Sandfields, London Rd, Churchfield, Red Lane, Ashlands - Manned by Rotary


Sunday 8th Dec Frodsham – Morissons  10-4


Monday 9th Dec Helsby - Plovers Lane, Bates Lane, Landscape Dene, Foxhill Grove, Old Chester Road, Portland Place, Hale View Road


Tuesday10th Dec Helsby - Vicarage Lane, Smithy Lane, Bank house Lane, Hallastone Road, Rake Lane, Station Avenue, Crescent Drive. Sandringham Avenue


Wednesday 11th Dec Alvanley - The Paddock, Alvanley Road, Arden Lea, Alvanley


Thursday 12th Dec Frodsham - Keswick Drive, Coniston, Grasmere, Ennerdale, Silverdale, Buttermere, Borrowdale


Friday 13th Dec Frodsham - School Lane, Bellemonte Road, Hillside Road, Arran Drive


Saturday 14th Dec Frodsham - Ashton Drive, Clifton Crescent, Coronation Drive, St Hilda's, Heyes Crescent


Saturday 14th Dec Frodsham – Morissons 10-5


Sunday 15th Dec Kingsley


Sunday 15th Dec Helsby – Tesco 10-4


Monday  16th Dec Frodsham - Quayside, Bridge Lane, Ellis Lane, Pear Tree Close,Francis Road, Weaver Road/Crescent


Tuesday 17th Dec Frodsham - Fluin Lane, Lime Avenue, The Willows, , Beech Avenue, Langdale Way, Penrith, Thirlmere.


Wednesday 18th Dec Helsby - Robin hood Lane, The Rock, Swireford Road, Rockfield Drive, Britannia Gardens, Crossland Terrace


Thursday 19th Dec Helsby - Mere's Edge, The Windings


Friday 20th Reserve Day


Saturday 21st Dec Frodsham - Sainsburys 10-5


Sunday  22nd Dec Helsby – Tesco 10-5


Routes are all  all weather dependent and we have 1 night for contingency Friday 20th if we need to recover a route